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Quick Pros & Cons of Upgrading vs. Buying a New Computer (Windows 7 to Windows 10)

I recently put together a short list of pros and cons for a client of mine who was looking to either upgrade her current Windows 7 PC or purchase a new PC with Windows 10 already installed. These tips can be useful for anyone, so I thought I'd share.

You have the option of upgrading your current computer or buying a new one.

Pros and Cons

Upgrading Pros:

1. Less $$ upfront to buy a Windows 10 license rather than a whole new computer. A Windows 10 Home license costs $149.

2. Probably less time involved in the upgrade process because everything doesn’t have to be reinstalled

Upgrading Cons:

1. Depending on the age of the computer, the speed is either going to stay the same or could even be slower after a new operating system is installed

2. Some programs/apps may not work as well or properly (but most likely not an issue anymore since Windows 10 has been out for many years now)

3. Some tweaking may be necessary after upgrading to make everything work right and to your liking

Buying a New Computer Pros:

1. Brand new insides, Windows 10 already installed and working 100%

2. Faster

3. Clean slate – (maybe use this as opportunity to “spring clean” your computer)

Buying a New Computer Cons:

1. More expensive (although obviously not as expensive as many, many years ago)

2. All your info/data and software needs to be transferred/reinstalled

Whatever you decide to do, it's no doubt that Microsoft will no longer support your Windows 7 machine come January 14, 2020. This means the security of your computer will be at higher risk because Microsoft will not release updates for the system. Having antivirus is not enough.

Need advice? Get in touch with me. I'm here to help :)




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