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Specializing in Seniors

In-Home & Remote

Laptop and Smartphone

If you're looking for patient computer help from someone who has expertise working with PEOPLE, not just technology, you're in the right place!


I work with all beginners: seniors, retirees, and baby-boomers. My expertise is in patiently helping my clients to lessen the anxiety and frustration they may be experiencing with their devices. Having a one-on-one computer tutor and guide makes a world of difference from taking a computer class with several people. In addition, unlike other "IT companies", I am eager and happy to help you understand technology without making you feeling lost along the way.

Imagine being able to have video conversations with your grandkids or an old friend who's moved far away. Get your computer files organized so you can find them easily. Learn the basics of technology so you don't feel left behind anymore. And have an expert, friendly, go-to technology companion for the rest of your life! If you are ready to get back the time you waste every day trying to figure out technology and invest in yourself, I am ready for you! Contact me today for assistance with your laptop, iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC and more!

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