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For Seniors, In-Home & Remote

Laptop and Smartphone

If you're looking for patient computer help from someone who has expertise working with PEOPLE, not just technology, you're in the right place!


I work with all "not-so-tech-savvy" individuals: seniors, retirees, and baby-boomers. My expertise is in patiently helping my clients to lessen the anxiety and frustration they may be experiencing with their devices. Having a one-on-one tutor and guide makes a world of difference from taking a class. Unlike other "IT companies", I am eager and happy to help you understand without feeling lost along the way.

Imagine not having to say "I'm not so tech-savvy" anymore! If you are ready to get back the time you waste every day trying to figure out technology and invest in yourself, I can help. Contact me today for assistance with your laptop, iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC and more!

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