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Tara Grey | CompuTara LLC Google Reviews

"She is the absolute best on working with computers; teaching, fixing, doing websites, organizing and any kind of emergencies with the computer."

ROSALIE F., LCSW-R / client since 2014

"Tara Grey is a computer genius. She has an astute mind and can fix anything that may go wrong with your computer. She also has a warm and friendly personality and she is equally effective in teaching beginners and those who have advanced skills in using the computer."

LINDA KOHL, Ph.D. / client since 2010

"Tara is an excellent teacher who explains things in simple terms.  She is very resourceful in addressing issues and offering helpful suggestions."

JANE M. / client since 2015

"Tara Grey of CompuTara has been my go-to computer consultant for approximately seven years; and she has never failed to solve my dilemmas or meet my needs. In addition to helping me set up my business email and twitter accounts, she incorporated my business logo into my email signature, installed my voice activated computer software, and just recently assisted with setting up my new desktop computer. This is just a sampling of her extensive expertise and computer skills. Moreover, her calm, focused, friendly, soft-spoken demeanor always curbs my anxiety! In short, she is a real treasure."


JULIO R., SIJ CONSULTING / client since 2006

"Tara has been an invaluable help to me and is extremely patient and highly knowledgeable on all things related to computers and technology. Being an International Consultant, I frequently need to communicate overseas. Tara has assisted me every step of the way, with the process of emailing, including attachments, creating invoices, and being able to use Skype for conference calls. I am amazed at what can be done on the computer and the efficiency of running my business now that Tara has provided me with the right tools and continues to guide me."

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"There is only one TARA! We want to thank you for the wonderful service you provide. We are very grateful."​

MARION & MYRON S. / clients since 1998

DIANE A., PhD / client since 2014

"It really helps me that you say things so simply. Now it's so easy for me to record a video. I know it's a simple thing but no one really was able to make it clear like that. I'm really appreciating the help and it's exciting to me."

"Thank you so much for all your help! I would be in Big trouble without you, XO"​

MONIKA C., DMD / client since 2014

MICHAEL H., BSB BROKERAGE / client since 2002

"With her tutoring, I am able to communicate in this computerworld, improve and expand my business."​

"Tara, you knew just what went wrong and I thank you for being there to help when I run into a glitch!"​

ROBERTA T., PhD / client since 2012

"First time customer. Totally trust Tara taking care of my computer needs."

CARL H. / Remote client since 2023

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