Tara Grey | CompuTara LLC Google Reviews

"There is only one TARA! We want to thank you for the wonderful service you provide. We are very grateful."​

MARION & MYRON S. / WEST ORANGE / clients since 1998

"Tara Grey is a computer genius. She has an astute mind and can fix anything that may go wrong with your computer. She also has a warm and friendly personality and she is equally effective in teaching beginners and those who have advanced skills in using the computer. She's available to come to your house in New Jersey and also practices in New York."

LINDA KOHL, Ph.D. / WEST ORANGE / client since 2010

"Tara is an excellent teacher who explains things in simple terms.  She is very resourceful in addressing issues and offering helpful suggestions."

JANE M. / EDISON / client since 2015

"She is the absolute best on working with computers; teaching, fixing, doing websites, organizing and any kind of emergencies with the computer."

ROSALIE F. / NYC / client since 2014

"Thanks for being the kind of person you are. You are a gem!"​

E. BETTY LEVIN / MILLBURN / client since 2014

"Tara Grey of CompuTara has been my go-to computer consultant for approximately seven years; and she has never failed to solve my dilemmas or meet my needs. In addition to helping me set up my business email and twitter accounts, she incorporated my business logo into my email signature, installed my voice activated computer software, and just recently assisted with setting up my new desktop computer. This is just a sampling of her extensive expertise and computer skills. Moreover, her calm, focused, friendly, soft-spoken demeanor always curbs my anxiety! In short, she is a real treasure."

BRENDA W. / MONTCLAIR / client since 2013

"Tara, thanks so much. You're Perfect! I would be very happy to recommend you any time. 

LUCY L. / WHIPPANY / client since 2019

"Tara is the best! She is very accessible and works hard to resolve any problems. I have enjoyed working with her and find her extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend Tara and feel fortunate that I have her to rely on when any issues come up."​

ANNE L. / SHORT HILLS / client since 2015

"Tara has been an invaluable help to me and my wife. She has taught us both, separately, how to use the computer for our needs. Tara is extremely patient and highly knowledgeable on all things related to computers and technology. Being an International Consultant, I frequently need to communicate overseas. Tara has assisted me every step of the way, with the process of emailing, including attachments, creating invoices, and being able to use Skype for conference calls. I am amazed at what can be done on the computer and the efficiency of running my business now that Tara has provided me with the right tools and continues to guide me."

JULIO R. / WESTFIELD / client since 2006

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"We wanted to share with you how much we appreciate working with you as students of the computer. You have been patient, kind, diligent, and non judgmental. You have consistently improved our computer skills and all the computer problems that go with it. It has been at least ten years that we have been with you and we have enjoyed your humor and engaging personality that goes along with it. You have a superior knowledge of your field, and we hope our relationship continues."​


"It really helps me. You say things so simply and just sit with me. Now it's so easy for me to record a video. I know it's a simple thing but no one really was able to make it clear like that. I'm really appreciating the help and it's exciting to me."

DIANE A., PhD / NYC / client since 2014

"Thank you so much for all your help! I would've been in Big trouble without you, XO"​

MONIKA C., DMD / MARTINSVILLE​​​​ / client since 2014

"Patience and realization she’s dealing with a senior whose grasp on things technical is shaky."​

PAT R. / MAPLEWOOD / client since 2009

"Tara really does work magic! The merger of my Microsoft Outlook contacts and calendar into Outlook.com gives me all of my contacts and calendar information available from any computer, anywhere, anytime. The automatic sync with the iPhone is such a great improvement from the old manual sync with Microsoft Outlook. She explained things to me clearly in a way I could understand. I am most appreciative of her help."​

DAVID L. / SCOTCH PLAINS / client since 2012

"With her tutoring, I am able to communicate in this computerworld, improve and expand my business."​

MICHAEL H. / MADISON / client since 2002

"I think it is so funny that you are calling yourself a "The Computer Anxiety Therapist" because that is exactly what you are. Besides the actual tutoring, the emotional component is very strong. My work and relationship with you has certainly had a deep emotional impact. I am realizing that our "classes" together have had a positive effect on me and how I feel about myself. You have seemingly infinite patience and are always very positive - and that is infectious! Our time together has helped to make me feel proud of myself while I learn. Your responsiveness and attention have made me feel very comfortable with you and I would recommend you to anyone, especially to someone who is feeling bad about themselves and ashamed of their lack of computer knowledge. I definitely think that "Computer Anxiety Therapist" is very appropriate because it highlights the "treatment" aspect of your work. Can you bottle yourself?"​

AMY C. / SPRINGFIELD / client since 2002

"Tara has taken me from the depths of a 'know nothing' about computers to the level of a very satisfied student."

DAVID G. / WEST ORANGE​​​​ / client since 2002

"My mom just called me RAVING about you. She said you were patient and she learned so much. I'll be recommending you to anyone I come across who needs their computer skills fine-tuned. Thank you!"​

ALICIA B. / SPRINGFIELD / client since 2013

"You're my lifeline to some sanity when it comes to the internet and my computer!!"​

JOHN O. / NYC / client since 2013

"Tara, you knew just what went wrong and I thank you for being there to help when I run into a glitch!"​

ROBERTA T., PhD / SCOTCH PLAINS / client since 2012

"I love computer help from Tara 😀❤️ Patient and caring, really knows the computer 👌❤️"​

INEZ E. / LIVINGSTON / client since 2017

5 Gold Stars icon

"Many thanks! Every time I turn on the computer or sit down to 'play' on it, I smile!"

ROWENA F. / VERONA / client since 2013

"You are an absolutely incredible instructor. Thanks again for your incredible knowledge."

GLADYS S. / WEST ORANGE / client since 2011

"Why should I be upset and uptight when I have Tara in my life!? Don't press any buttons. Just call Tara!!"​

HELEN FRANK / SPRINGFIELD / client since 2013

"Tara and I have a special relationship. She is most knowledgeable in the computer business. I would recommend her highly for any person that is looking for one question to be answered or to continue with her on an on-going basis. Not only is she clear and precise with her trade, but if she doesn't know something, she will go out of her way to answer any question or questions you may have."

ELLEN S. / WEST ORANGE / client since 2012

"Tara Grey is an outstanding computer tutor and has helped me expand my business. Kudos!"

BARRY S. / SUMMIT / client since 2003

"I am one of Tara Grey's students through Skype. And I found it much better than class at my house right now since I don't have to worry that between us should be 6 feet. Skype lessons are just like working with Tara personally, only  remotely. I recommend you to try once and you will be surprised how easy it is to study this way."​

AMNON A. / SPRINGFIELD / client since 2012

"Can't get enough of you! You make me feel really good when you come. You don't criticize me for making mistakes or anything, which is great for my ego. And you will type for me without a fuss when I need it. You are the greatest!"

AC / SPRINGFIELD / client since 2002

"Classy, intelligent and personable."

MICHAEL I. / SPRINGFIELD / client since 2013