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Are you looking for a computer tutor in or around Madison New Jersey? I provide patient, one-on-one computer lessons in the comfort and convenience of your home or office in Madison. My expertise is in working with beginners, baby-boomers and seniors to enhance their knowledge and confidence using all kinds of computer technology including their PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and more.

Private, in home computer tutoring is so beneficial because it gives the client individualized attention that just can't be given in a class/group setting. Basic computer lessons for beginners and seniors are difficult to find in Madison NJ because most computer and tech savvy people (including children) are not patient and don't know how to teach. That's what's different about me. I have over 20 years' experience teaching computers, privately, to older adults. I love teaching computers to older adults!! Having to repeat and review concepts and step-by-step instructions does not frustrate me! I understand the need for it and remain patient and encouraging. My goal as a computer tutor is to make you feel accomplished and proud of yourself for having learned new skills you never thought you'd be able to learn!

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Computer Tutor in Madison NJ
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