Photo of Tara Grey

Helping clients overcome their technology challenges is my passion and life's work. Twenty five years ago, I began assisting residents at my local library to use the new digital card catalog system and navigate the internet and email. Before I knew it, I had my first private client schedule an appointment for me to come to their home, set up their first computer and show them how to use it. Completely satisfied and having me come back regularly, they then referred me to their friends, who in turn did the same. And that is how my computer consulting business began.

Unlike other "IT companies", I'm patient and willing to help you understand every step, not make you feel even more lost. Unlike your grandkids, I have 25 years' experience and will kindly explain things rather than just do them for you and leave you bewildered. 

My patient, friendly and personalized services have resulted in long-lasting client relationships with unparalleled testimonials.