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7 Great Services You Can Get with a Library Card (Besides Checking Out Books!)

Libraries are one of those mainstays that have been around seemingly forever. You can check out books anytime you like for free, plus have a quiet place to read.

There’s a familiarity that’s comforting when you see those shelves of books, even though you may get your books digitally now for the most part. But, if you’ve been visiting your library less over the years, you might be surprised to know that a library card can give you access to a ton of digital content and streaming.

Libraries may harken back to an earlier time, but just as the world around them has, they’ve also updated to adapt to modern technology.

If your library card has been collecting dust, you may want to find it or visit your local library for a new one so you can take advantage of all these great services.

1. Hoopla (Borrow Digital Content)

You can check out digital content for free using your library card and the Hoopla website or app. There are nearly half a million content titles to choose from in multiple formats:

  • Movies

  • TV

  • Music

  • eAudiobooks

  • eBooks

  • Comic/graphic novels

You use the service by going to the Hoopla website and signing up with your library card credentials. You can choose to view and/or listen to the content in multiple ways:

  • Desktop browser

  • iPhone or Android mobile app

  • Streaming stick (FireTV, Chromecast, Roku)

2. Kanopy (Free Streaming Movies for 72 Hours)

You can check out movies to stream from a library of thousands of films through Kanopy. This is another service specific to library card holders and it allow you to check out movies for 72 hours.

Offerings include genres such as:

  • Foreign films

  • Classic cinema

  • Documentaries

  • Independent films

  • Educational videos

  • and more

Movies can be streamed on your computer, mobile devices, TV, and online and are all ad-free.

3. Flipster (Download Free Digital Magazines)

Did you ever go to the library in the past to check out magazines for free? You can now do this through many libraries digitally through the Flipster service.

You can access multiple magazine titles from your computer or mobile device without having to pay for a subscription. This includes the ability to download current and back issues.

You have access to several popular magazine titles including:

  • Vanity Fair

  • TIME

  • The New Yorker

  • Consumer Reports

  • Vogue

  • People

  • and more

4. Overdrive/Libby (Borrow eBooks & Audio Books)

Do you enjoy listening to audio books while driving or exercising? What about having an eBook to read on your phone while you’re waiting in a Doctor’s office? If you have a library card, then you may not have to pay for any of them.

Libby is an app you can use through a local library for free and it gives you access to thousands of eBooks and audio books.

You can check out content and either stream it to save space or download it to access offline on your device. Libby can also be used to send books to read through the Kindle app.

5. Tumble Books (Games, Books, Videos & More)

Another digital content service offered by many local libraries and schools is Tumble Books. This service includes multiple media types including books, eBooks, videos, and storybooks for children.

What’s nice is that is has a few special features not found on the other services:

  • Read-Alongs: Allow you to easily change font size, style and color while reading famous children’s books. The books also include audio that can be played back while the text is on the screen.

  • Games: If you enjoy memory games, crosswords, puzzles, or word searches, you can find these on the Tumble Books app too!

6. Learning (Free eCourses)

If you’ve been interested in expanding your education, another benefit that you’ll find available through many local libraries is a free subscription to the online learning site (now transitioned to LinkedIn Learning).

You can access video courses that are instructor taught on several subjects and can even earn certificates. Some of the topic areas include:

  • Software (MS Word, Adobe Photoshop, etc.)

  • Web design

  • Social media tools

  • Photography

  • Business career skills

  • Design

7. Rosetta Stone (Learn a New Language for Free)

If you’ve always wanted to learn a new language but weren’t sure you wanted to pay for an expensive course, then this next library bonus will be an exciting one for you.

Many libraries, Including Summit Free Public Library, offer the ability to access the popular language learning tool Rosetta Stone with a library card. Choose from multiple languages and learn at your own speed through personalized language and reading programs.

Need a Digital Library Guide? CompuTara is Here!

If you need help going through the free digital resources offered by your local library and getting all signed up, I’ll be happy to walk you through it with a one-on-one tutoring session. Why not take advantage of all that free content?

Schedule your tutoring session today! Call me at: 862-368-4893 or Email me here.


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2 comentários

06 de dez. de 2020

Great article! I shared it on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Bruce Fishkin
Bruce Fishkin
15 de nov. de 2020

So timely, as usual, Tara! We just watched our first movie on Kanopy last night: an old black & white suspense film called Lured, with a pretty young actress named Lucille Ball! Their catalog looks great, and I would add that you get 5 titles per month.

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