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8 Fun Features of iPadOS (the New iPad Operating System)

8 Fun Features of iPadOS the New iPad Operating System

There are general feature updates to your technology and then there are the really big ones. When the entire operating system is updated on an iPhone or iPad, it brings with it a host of more features and capabilities.

Prior to the update, iPad used the iOS operating system, the same one used by the iPhone. But to enhance multitasking and tablet capabilities, iPadOS was brought out in September 2019 and has been updated regularly ever since.

Some of the fun new features include being able to do more with Apple Pencil and having your photos help you remember birthdays.

As of this writing, the current version is iPadOS 13.5.1, released in June of 2020. When going through your iPad setup, you can check to see if you have it by looking in Settings > General > About. If you’re not seeing the latest version, right under the “About” option you can find “Software Update.”

Did you know? It costs approximately $1.50 per year to keep your iPad charged.

I’ve put together a list of highlights of some of the coolest features of the latest iPadOS that can help you get more fun, productivity, and use out of your tablet.

Check Out These Newest iPad Features

The new iPad operating system was designed to improve user experience and make your iPad more intuitive and interconnected with other Apple products.

Keep More Than One Thing Open

One frustration many iPad users have is trying to keep more than one file or app open at the same time. You can now use Split View to work on multiple documents at one time and go between them using Slide Over.

Just open your first app or document, then swipe up from the bottom to see your Dock. Choose the second app you want to open, press and hold and drag it to the right or left side of the screen.

Use Apple Pencil to Take a Screenshot

Instead of having to remember the button combination to use to take a screenshot, you can now do it easily with Apple Pencil. Just drag the pencil from either bottom corner of your iPad.

Use Your iPad as a Second Display for Your Mac

Sometimes you need a little more space when working on a project or trying to copy over a recipe from a website to your recipe app. If you’re on your Mac computer, you can now use your iPad to add a little more screen space and use it as if it were a second display with the new Sidecar feature.

Click the AirPlay icon on the menu bar of your Mac and choose the option to connect to your iPad.

Put Your Keyboard Where You Want

Does the QuickType keyboard on your iPad get in the way sometimes? You can now just pinch to shrink it when it’s open and then move it wherever you like to make more room.

Let Photos Help You Remember Birthdays

Look in your Photos. If you haven’t noticed it before, iPad now has a People Album. What this does is allow you to easily see all the photos you have that include a specific person.

If you have birthdays assigned to the people in that People Album, then the Photos tab will add a highlight to your photos of them on their birthday as a reminder.

Control Your iPad by Talking to It

The new Voice Control feature in iPad is really handy when you’re in the middle of something and don’t have an extra hand to hold your iPad and type.

Turn this feature on by going to Settings > Accessibility > Voice Control

You can have it type for you and edit text as you dictate, you can also open apps and navigate using Voice Control. Read more about it here.

Some of the common commands include:

· “Open (app name)”

· “Take screenshot”

· “Turn up volume”

· “Tap (item name)”

Pair AirPods with iPad to Get Incoming Message Announcements

If you’re in another part of the house or in the yard and not near your iPad, you can still be alerted of any incoming text messages if you’re wearing your AirPods and have them paired with your iPad.

It’s like having a personal assistant keeping you up to date, and you don’t have to carry your iPad around with you.

Keep Email Organized with Multicolored Flags

Inboxes get filled up so fast. It can make it hard to find that appointment reminder from your Dentist’s office when it’s mixed in with multiple other emails. You can keep things organized more easily with more flag colors.

With multicolored flags, you can use one color for appointment reminders and another color for emails from family. It makes it much easier to spot the email subject you need without having to search your entire inbox.

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