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How to Contact People Using the Windows 11 Microsoft Teams Taskbar Application

One thing that everyone has done a lot more of since the pandemic is voice and video chat over the computer. “Zooms” have become the new default meeting place as everyone stays socially distanced.

While video can be the next best thing to seeing loved ones in person, trying to get some video applications to work properly can be frustrating. Many require you to download something on your computer, which doesn’t always go smoothly.

You click a link someone sent you for the video call, and suddenly you’re taken to a webpage, then that webpage says it’s trying to open an app on your computer, and you have to click something else. It can be really confusing and make you dread what should be a pleasant interaction with family and friends.

Microsoft has seen this frustration and in its new operating system, Windows 11, it has tried to eliminate the difficulty in connecting online with others. Integrated into Windows 11 is the video meeting app, Microsoft Teams.

Benefits of using Teams in Windows 11 includes:

  • Much faster to connect with people

  • You don’t have to install software, Teams installs with Windows 11

  • No confusing browser popups to deal with

  • You can use it for text messaging (no more having to type on a tiny smartphone screen!)

  • You can use it for video chats

  • You don’t have to open any other program, you can meet from your desktop

  • The icon is already on the taskbar and easy to find

This new feature has many people interested in a Windows 11 tutoring session, specifically to see how to use Teams to meet with friends and family.

Teams in Windows 11

How to Set Up Teams in Windows 11

The icon for teams is on your taskbar naturally. You don’t have to install anything.

1) To get started, click the Teams icon.

2) Next, you’ll see a prompt to get started setting up your Teams account. Click the “Get started” button.

Image courtesy of How-to Geek

Now, you’ll see a screen to enter your account information. The email address you use for your Microsoft account should already be filled in.

If you have a phone number already associated with your Microsoft account, this will also be filled in automatically. If you do not have a phone number listed on your Microsoft account, then you’ll be asked to enter a mobile phone number.

3) Enter your first and last name (and phone number, if asked).

Image courtesy of How-to Geek

You’ll see a check box to sync your Skype and Outlook contacts with Teams. You can either check or uncheck the box.

What does checking the box do?

If you use Skype or the Outlook contacts app, checking this box will sync those contact details with Teams so those contact names will automatically populate when you’re searching for them in the Teams application.

4) Next, click the “Let’s go” button.

You are now set up and can begin connecting with people by using the Teams application.

Primer on How to Use Teams in Windows 11

Now that you’re set up, I’ll go through two things.

  • How to start a video chat

  • How to start a text chat/send an SMS message

1) Click the Teams icon on your taskbar.

To Start a Video Call:

Click the “Meet” button

This will turn on your webcam and put you in a meeting window by yourself.

In the middle of the screen, you’ll see options for sharing the link to the meeting.

  • You can copy the link and paste it into an email, text, or chat.

  • You can share it in your Outlook or Google calendar

  • You can share it by default email (this automatically pops up a new email message window with the link inside)

Anyone can join your meeting using that link. They do not need Windows 11.

How to Start a Web Chat / Send a Text Message:

Click the “Chat” button.

Enter the name, email, or phone number of the person you want to chat with.

Type your message in the box at the bottom, and click the Paper Airplane icon at the bottom, right side of the message box to send.

If you enter the person’s mobile phone number, then you can text back and forth with them through this Teams application, right from your computer, instead of using your phone.

You’ll be able to use emojis, gifs, and send files, just like you can with other text messaging apps.

Clicking the “A” with pencil icon gives you the ability to use bold, bullet points, and other text formatting options.

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