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How-To Guide: The Basics of Using Instagram

Instagram is a welcome refuge for many people that don’t particularly like the negativity they find on Twitter or the confusing number of options on Facebook.

The world of Instagram is image and video-driven, with text being a minor addition. It’s all about visuals! Such as those cool sped-up cooking videos that show you in a minute how to make a healthy stir fry dish.

People enjoy Instagram for connecting with friends and family, following businesses they like, and learning new tips. Users spend about 53 minutes a day on average on the platform and 80% of people say it helps them make decisions on product and service purchases.

If you’ve been wanting to learn more about Instagram and how to get around, this guide will definitely help! (PS: I can also give you a personal Instagram tutoring session.)

Beginners Guide for Instagram

1. Instagram Is Designed for Mobile Use (But You Can View it On a Computer)

First, it’s important to understand that Instagram is mainly designed to be used through a smartphone or tablet.

The reason it initially became popular was because of its filters that allow you to make images look better. These filters are designed to use on a mobile device, not a computer.

So, you can’t post images if you visit on your computer. You need to use the mobile app.

Here’s what you can do from a computer:

  • View your timeline

  • Get to your user settings

  • Click to “Like” a post

  • Comment on posts

  • Share posts

  • Edit your profile

2. The Instagram Home Page (Your News Feed)

When you first log into Instagram, you’ll land on your news feed. Your news feed will show you posts from:

  • People you follow

  • Company accounts you follow

  • Hashtags (#) you follow

  • Firms that paid to advertise on Instagram

Instagram News Feed

Many people prefer Instagram to Facebook because it has a much less complicated interface with fewer confusing menu items.

It’s just the image or video in the biggest part of the window, followed by any message the person that posted added, and comments from users.

Even how you “Like” a post is simpler. Instead of choosing between several emoji options, there’s just one.

3. Your Options to Interact With a Post

At the bottom of each post, you’ll see a few different icons for interacting with the post. Here is what they do:

  • Click the Heart to “Like” the post.

  • Click the Comment Bubble OR the “Add a comment…” at the bottom to comment on the post.

  • Click the Paper Airplane to share the post with one of your Instagram friends.

  • Click the Bookmark (far right) to save the post so you can view it later.

  • Click any smaller Heart on the far right to “Like” a comment from someone.

4. Where Do I Go to Post a Photo?

Again, you can only post an image if you’re on the mobile Instagram app, not a computer.

Let’s take a look at the bottom menu bar of Instagram to see where you post an image.

Here is what each menu item does:

  • House: Takes you to your news feed to see posts.

  • Magnifying glass: This allows you to search for accounts to follow or search on a keyword to find related posts (like “gardening”).

  • Plus in the Square: This is where you go to post a photo

  • Heart: Takes you to notifications when someone has “Liked” your post, “Liked” a comment you made or commented to you using your @name on Instagram.

  • Circle with Your Profile Image: The last icon on the right will have your profile photo in it and it will take you to your Instagram page holding all your posts.

5. The Process of Posting an Image

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, you can’t just type a text comment on Instagram. Each post begins by choosing a photo you’d like to post.

a. To post a photo, click the Plus in the Square at the bottom of the app window.

b. This will take you to the photos that are saved on your phone or tablet.

c. Choose the image you’d like to share on Instagram.

d. Click “Next” at the top right.

e. Choose a filter from the bottom if you like or click “Edit” for more options.

f. Click “Next”

g. Write a caption, “tag” someone that you know on Instagram, or add a location.

h. Click “Share” to share the post.

6. How to Make Your Instagram Private

You may not want to have the public at large to be able to search posts of your vacation to Fiji or images you shared of your grandchildren. You can make your account private so no one except those you allow can see what you share.

To do this, follow these steps:

a. Click your profile picture at the bottom menu.

b. Click the three lines at the top right.

c. Click “Settings”

d. Click “Privacy”

e. Slide to turn on “Private Account”

Need Help with Your Instagram Settings?

Instagram can be a lot of fun once you’re properly set up and your account has the level of security you need. Would you like help to get things going and learning how to get around?

Schedule a fun Instagram tutoring session today! Call or text me at: 862-368-4893 or Email me here.


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