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Reasons Why You Need a Technology Tutor

Learning to use a computer or smartphone can be difficult, especially when there are many steps involved to do one thing. Take Bookmarks for instance. Some web browsers call them Favorites. Bookmarks are a way to save a website's address so you don't have to search for it next time. Do you have a favorite site to visit for top restaurant reviews? The login page to your investment accounts? Maybe your grandson's travel blog in Europe.

Depending on the web browser you're using (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.), there are about three-six steps to save a bookmark. Once the bookmark is saved, it is important to know how to access it, move it, rename it, and delete it. Again, each browser has its own multi-steps.

The smartphone and/or tablet is a different device so you can save bookmarks on those as well. And as you may have surmised, they have their own set of steps to follow.

Setting up bookmarks is a form of organization that makes using your computer easier and more efficient.

That's just one topic that can be overwhelming to understand without a tutor by your side.

For help learning how to create bookmarks and keeping your computer organized, contact me

for private lessons.



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