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Remote Computer Support Q&A

I miss my in-person work immensely. It is at the heart of everything I do. Luckily, I've been able to continue "seeing" some of my clients through FaceTime, Skype and Zoom chats as well as working with them remotely - thanks to technology.

Below, I address some questions you may have about remote computer assistance and how it works.

1. What CAN be done remotely on my computer?

(a) Computer lessons and instruction

(b) Questions

(c) Help with software issues

(d) Help with slow computer, virus, malware, cleaning, maintenance

(e) Email problems

(f) Setting up software/hardware

(g) Getting connected on social media and video conferencing

(h) Filling out online forms

(i) Installing updates

(j) and more...just ask!

2. What CANNOT be done remotely?

(a) Your Internet connection MUST be working in order for me to be able to access your computer remotely. If your Internet connection is not working, please call me first to see if we can get that up and running. 862-368-4893.

(b) I will be able to see your computer/laptop screen (both PC and Mac), however I will not be able to see your actual printer, iPhone, iPad or any other external devices you may have. However, we can use FaceTime or the equivalent to troubleshoot these.

3. What happens to my computer during a remote session?

When connecting to your computer remotely, I will be able to see your screen, just as you do. We BOTH will have the ability to move the cursor and click, as well as type onscreen. *Only one of us should move the cursor at a time.

4. Is it safe?

Yes! In order for me to have remote access to your computer, I will ask you for a password that is displayed on your screen before I can connect. Only you will have this password. Once you give me that password, I will be able to connect to your computer. When our session is complete, I will disconnect and you will be alerted that I have disconnected. At this point, that original password is no longer valid. I would need a new password from you the next time you want me to connect.


Remember, you don’t have to go it alone during this time of school closings, telecommuting, and social distancing. You’re relying on your home technology now more than ever, make sure you reach out to me for remote tech support when you need it to keep things running smoothly.



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