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Should You Schedule One or More Hours with Me?

Typical lessons with me are one hour per week. However, each client has different needs. Some are looking to get a lot of work done in a shorter period of time. Therefore, scheduling two or more hours at a time works better for them. This is useful for when a project has a deadline or a particular computer software needs to be learned quickly. Some of my clients also prefer to immerse themselves in the topic of the lesson for that day and in order to do that, more than one hour is needed to develop the understanding and skills necessary to feel comfortable. Repetition is often a very useful practice which does take up time.

Another option is scheduling twice a week sessions. This gives you the sense of consistency and a feeling of extra guidance during the week...some added support. It's also a way to stay on top of your practice and help you learn quicker.

My computer lessons have always been a combination of teaching you the skills you need to survive in today's digital world AND helping you to feel confident in your abilities while less stressed and anxious using technology. Many people find technology frustrating and scary to use before they've worked with me and one hour of learning new terminology and concepts is just the right amount of time before becoming overwhelmed.

Unless you are certain you can handle more than one hour at a time at our initial lesson, I always schedule one hour for the first time we meet. During that first hour, I can assess whether it could be an option for us to schedule more time in the future.

For additional information and to schedule a lesson with me now, contact me here.



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