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Why Gmail Just Stops Working

Frequently, I get calls from clients that their Gmail accounts are not working. They are unable to send and receive mail all of a sudden. They swear they haven't changed their password but the Mail app on their phone and/or the Mail program they use on their computer just does not want to login to their account. Usually I walk them through some preliminary steps to re-enter their password, making sure it is entered correctly, and checking all the settings in their mail applications. Then the light bulb goes off in my head and I recall the recent email I had just received from Google, telling me to check my security settings and to turn off access to less secure apps in my account. BINGO!

I ask the client, "Did you just recently receive an email from Google regarding security?" Most likely, they did and they followed the instructions which included turning off access to less secure apps. Why wouldn't you do this if Google told you it was more secure and that you should?

Well, what you've just done is blocked your mail programs from being able to access your Gmail account.

Google less secure apps screen

Google mentions two options for rectifying this:

Option 1: Install a more secure app that uses stronger security measures. All Google products, like Gmail, use the latest security measures.

What this means: Stop using the program or app that you've been using! Ha!

Option 2: Change your settings to allow less secure apps into your account. We don't recommend this option because it can make it easier for someone to break into your account.

What this means: Google doesn't recommend this, but this is the only way to continue using the program or app that you've been using!

Feel free to contact me if you find yourself having trouble with this issue.



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