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8 Tips for Looking Better in Smartphone Photos

The number of pictures people take nowadays has multiplied exponentially since the invention of the smartphone. Selfies became a thing, and everyone has a professional-grade camera in their pockets.

Technology can help us capture more of our memories, it’s true. And it’s also true that now we have less time to get ready for those photos. There’s rarely extra time to fix your hair or makeup when you’re “in the moment.”

But having a few tricks up your sleeve can help you look better when someone pulls out their phone to snap a shot. This gives you more chance at having a treasured memory that you love, rather than a picture you wish was never taken.

Here are some tips to look your best in those cell phone photos.

Natural Light Is Flattering, But Not Harsh Sunlight

The right lighting can make all the difference in how you look. Natural lighting is generally more flattering than artificial lighting, so if you can, take the picture outside, or near a window if you’re inside.

But… beware of harsh sunlight. Too much direct light can bring out wrinkles. Look for shaded areas, which can give you a more flattering photo.

Avoid Being Shot From Below Eye Level

If you’ve ever looked at your own webcam or smartphone camera while looking down, you might have wondered why the view looked so bad. When the camera is angled below your eye level and looking up at you, it can make your face look wider than it actually is. It can also accentuate jowls and get an unflattering upshot of your nose.

If taking selfies, take them either at eye level or above your eye level, and looking down at your face. This gives you a slimmer appearance.

Try a Leaning Pose

Wish you looked more comfortable and “cool” in photos? Try what many Hollywood photographers do with their subjects and lean against a wall or lean forward on a railing. This leaning pose has been used in classic photographs for decades.

It helps you avoid awkwardness with your hands because they are either on the wall behind you or holding on to the railing. A photographer's tip is to always bend at your hips and keep your back straight when posing.

Want to see some other poses that stars use as their “go-to” photo move? Check out these celebrity poses.

Press Your Tongue to the Roof of Your Mouth at the Back of Your Teeth

Does your smile always look a bit off when you’re taking photos? Try this trick for a nice smile every time and to give your face a slimmer and more chiseled look.

When the photo is about to be snapped, smile and press your tongue slightly against the roof of your mouth and forward, just behind the back of your teeth. This gives you a more relaxed and genuine-looking smile.

Don’t Use Distracting Backgrounds

It’s best to have minimal backgrounds rather than those with tons of stuff going on. While this isn’t always possible in a crowded area, you can look for a wall or a tree to use as a backdrop.

Having a less busy background puts the focus on the photo subjects and they won’t risk getting lost in the rest of the image.

Angle Yourself, Instead of Being Straight On

Does it seem like some people always take great-looking photos? It’s often because they know this trick for full-length or half-length photos. Put yourself at a slight angle instead of being straight onto the camera.

Angling yourself slightly will give you a slimmer appearance. You can also put one foot slightly in front of the other, which helps make for a nicer shot.

Don’t Overdo the Hair Products

While in your own mirror, that extra spray of hairspray or glob of hair gel might look fine, it comes out differently in photos in most cases. Using too much hair product can make your hair look more helmet-like or make it look like you haven’t washed it for days. Try to keep it as natural as possible without too much weighting it down.

Try the Hand on the Hip Pose

When you take a photo with both arms at your sides, it can accentuate unflattering flabby areas on the upper arm and look awkward. Instead, try doing something with your hands, such as putting your hand on your hip as you slightly angle towards the camera.

You could also point at something or find other ways to keep your arms occupied so they’re not dangling at your sides.

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