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Do I Still Need a Computer? Can I Live With Just My Tablet & Smartphone?

Tablets have been becoming more popular over the last several years and taking more market share away from laptops and desktops.

In 2010, 95% of computing devices sold were desktop or laptop computers and just 5% were tablets. But by 2019, tablets rose to 35% of the total computing devices sold.

Your own electronics use might mirror that statistic, with you spending more time on your iPad or smartphone than your laptop. Mobile devices tend to be more portable so it’s often easier to look up a website by just pulling out your phone than going over to a desktop computer.

But are you ready to totally replace your computer with a tablet or smartphone? Are they going to need any less IT services? (Not really, all devices need maintenance.)

I’ll go through several considerations you need to think about before you completely go from PC to tablet/phone only, so you don’t end up regretting your decision.

Type of Software You Use

While many of today’s apps can be used easily on a computer or a mobile device, not all of them can. Some also might not have as full-bodied features on a mobile device as they do when used on a computer.

Is there any software you use that doesn’t work in the same way on a tablet or smartphone? You also want to consider how you’ll be limited in the future software applications you can choose if you don’t have a computer.

Typing vs Touch

If you use your device for writing, you may find a tablet more limiting. Generally, the screen-based keyboard is going to be much smaller and harder to type on, unless you have a tablet with a detachable keyboard.

What do you find easier when working on a device: Typing and mouse control; or a touch screen and stylus?

If you find phone and tablet screens more difficult to use, then you may find not having a computer makes it harder for you to do some of the things you enjoy, like journaling or writing.

On the other hand, if you don’t write much and prefer to point and click on a screen, then you may be just fine with only your tablet and smartphone.


Another consideration is the websites you visit regularly. Do they all look fine on a mobile device? Do you have any trouble manipulating forms or viewing menus properly?

Not all websites are going to appear the same on a mobile device, and you may find you have to borrow a friend’s computer for certain sites if they’re not appearing correctly. This is, however, the exception these days as more sites are mobile friendly as the norm.

Before you decide to replace your PC with a tablet, you’ll want to check all the sites you regularly visit to see how they look on mobile.

Hard Drive Storage

One big limitation that a mobile device can have is much less storage than a computer. This can mean you run out of space for photos, videos, and files that you used to keep on a PC.

Typical storage capacity:

  • Computer: 256GB to 1TB

  • Mobile Device: 8GB to 64GB

If you use a cloud storage solution, like Dropbox or iCloud, then you may not have any problem with storage if you use only a tablet or phone, but this is a big consideration. You may also want to be able to access files when you’re not online.

Ports and Drives

If your computer has a CD or DVD drive and you use it regularly either for watching movies or accessing information, then it may not be a good idea for you to give up your PC.

You won’t have the ability to access a CD or DVD with a tablet or smartphone, which could be fairly limiting.

One other difference is the ports you have available to plug in monitors, printers, or other peripherals. You’re going to be limited with the devices you can plug in if you’re only using a smartphone or tablet.

How You Like to Use Your Computer

The biggest factor for deciding whether to get rid of your computer and rely on mobile devices is how you like to use your computer.

What activities do you use it for regularly?

If you mainly use it for social media, playing mobile games, and browsing websites, then mobile devices can handle that for you just fine.

If you use it for business and any type of activities that require a lot of typing, then you may want to stick with your computer and just use your mobile devices for other activities.

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