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HOT Tech Gift - Technology for Cold People

Anyone who knows me at all knows I am always cold, freezing sometimes. In the cold weather, as well as inside, my fingers, toes and tip of nose get very cold – not comfortable! Well, check out these amazing new tech gloves I received this holiday.

There is a power pack that plugs into a wall outlet by USB cable. After charging the pack, it connects to a wire inside a pocket of the glove. There are three possible heat settings: HIGH – 150 degrees for 2+ hours, MEDIUM – 130 degrees for 3+ hours, and LOW – 110 degrees for 5+ hours. The power pack can also be used to charge my iPhone AND the gloves are touch sensitive for use with my iPhone! With Thinsulate insulation, this 5 volt power bank technology is perfect for snow, skiing, and those of us who are constantly complaining about being cold. LOL. What a HOT gift idea!!

These ActionHeat Rechargeable Gloves are from Summit Ski & Sport in Summit, NJ.

There’s really nothing that can’t be done with technology these days. Almost every day there is a new app, gadget or device that can make life easier…or harder. It depends on your outlook and comfortability with technology. My aim is always to simplify the digital world for you and make it understandable so that you can benefit from it, instead of fear it. Computer Assistance in your home or office: 862-368-4893.



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