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Tips for Reducing Those Growing Cloud Application Costs

On average, there are over 100,000 new Android apps and over 30,000 new iOS apps released each month. On top of downloadable apps to purchase, people also have cloud-based software tools with paid subscriptions, and streaming services, like Apple+ or Netflix to choose from.

It doesn’t seem like much when you sign up for $2.99 a month for a meditation app on your phone or $9.99 for a cloud subscription service. But those charges can quickly add up, and before you know it, you’re paying a lot more than you initially intended for cloud services.

Studies show that the average consumer is now spending about $273 per month on subscription services, which is up 15% from 2018.

If you were to see a price tag on a subscription service of $100 a month, you’d likely never consider signing up. But because of the small incremental charges, people don’t often realize how much they are paying for their cloud apps.

There are now even new services that help you close unnecessary cloud accounts, but guess what? Those services also have a subscription fee!

With so much reliance on cloud services, it’s not uncommon to find that you need to purchase some, especially when it comes to work or entertainment. However, there are some things you can do to lower your costs so you’re not paying more than you need to.

I’ll go through several tips below on how to reduce your cloud subscription costs so you can better use that money elsewhere.

Create a List of All Your Cloud Subscriptions

First, you need to shed some light on how much you’re paying in cloud subscription costs. Many consumers don’t know. They just see the small charges coming in during the month, but never stop to add them all up.

Review your bank statement for your charges, and list out all subscription services and the fee you pay for them each month. Steady yourself first, as it might come as a bit of a shock. But it’s an important first step to reducing your costs.

Look for Areas of Duplication

Look through your list of app subscriptions to identify areas of duplication. This might be paying for two different task management apps for your mobile phone, because you forgot you were still paying for one, for example.

If you aren’t sure if you need a particular app or whether it duplicates what another app can do, call me. I’ll be happy to help you sort that out.

You’ll want to choose between services that do the same thing and close those subscriptions you no longer need.

Take Advantage of Family Options in Cloud Tools

Many cloud subscription services offer family plans. For example, if you subscribe to Microsoft 365 Family, which is $3.00 more per month than the personal version (for 1 person), you can have up to 6 people on your plan. And those people do not all have to live in the same household.

So, if you got together with 5 other family members or friends for that subscription, you could all be paying about $1.67 per month for the same Office apps and Microsoft cloud services (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, etc.) instead of $6.99/month. That’s a huge savings!

Look for these types of plans in your cloud services. You may have them and not even know it.

Consolidate Into All-In-One Platforms Instead of Piecemeal

Your cloud services will typically cost less if you use all-in-one platforms that offer several applications for one price, rather than subscribing to a bunch of different applications.

For example, services like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 offer many different apps that can save you from having to purchase others separately. Such as:

  • Video conferencing

  • Cloud storage

  • Task management

  • Email

  • Online survey-making tool

  • And more

If you are already using an all-in-one type tool, take another look at the apps it offers. There might have been some added since you first signed up. You may find you now have access to another app for no additional cost that you are paying for from another service.

One example of this is Adobe’s Creative Cloud Photography plan. The plan initially included applications like Photoshop and Lightroom. Recently, Adobe added a video editor called Premiere Rush to that plan for no additional cost.

Use Reliable Free Services Where You Can

You do want to be careful with free services, as some might not have great security. But where you can, look for free services that can provide the same features as something you might be paying for.

One example would be the recent integration of Microsoft Teams with Windows 11. If you have Windows 11 on your PC, then you already have a free video meeting and chat application without having to pay anything extra.

Schedule a Session to Streamline Your Cloud Use

Need help deciding how to lower your costs and streamline your app usage? CompuTara can help you with friendly personalized service and tutoring on your cloud services.

Schedule a tutoring session today! Call or text me at: 862-368-4893 or Email me here.


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