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What Are the Features & Advantages of the Apple Watch?

When it comes to cool, futuristic gadgets, one that is the closest to those communicators you see on shows like Star Trek is the Apple Watch.

This wearable technology allows you to talk to people from your wrist, check emails, read apps like Weather, keep track of your heart rate, and much more.

I’ve noticed in my tech tutoring sessions that people are becoming more interested in the Apple Watch and learning about its features and benefits, so I’ve put together an overview for everyone.

What is the Current Apple Watch Model?

Apple Watch Series 7 is the latest model. It was released on October 15, 2021.

How Much is Apple Watch Series 7?

This newest version of the Apple Watch starts at $399.

Why Get a Smartwatch?

Before I get into the features and benefits of the newest Apple Watch, I’ll touch on some of the reasons that people may be interested in getting a little computer that sits on their wrist.

Advantages of a smartwatch include:

  • Easy to answer calls when you’re doing something else (gardening, walking, etc.)

  • Has healthcare features that work because it’s next to your pulse beat

  • Lighter than carrying around your phone

  • Less likely to lose it than your smartphone because it’s strapped on

  • Easier to always keep with you, which could be helpful in case of a fall or other emergency

  • Stylish, with lots of band and faceplate options

  • Access apps like email, calculator, text messaging, and many more

  • It keeps time too!

Reasons You May Want to Get the Newest Apple Watch

Take an ECG Anytime

One feature of the Apple Watch that’s very helpful if you like to monitor your heart rate is the ability to take an ECG anytime using the watch. The device uses an electrical heart sensor, and it allows you to easily monitor your heart rhythm and check a recording for atrial fibrillation (AFib).

Measure Blood Oxygen

Another health-conscious feature of the Apple Watch is the ability to check your blood oxygen level. This is especially popular due to COVID because a drop in oxygen levels is a symptom of the virus.

Apple warns that this does not take the place of a medical-grade test, but is designed for general wellness and health information.

Very Durable

Apple calls the 7 series its most durable model ever. You don’t have to worry if you’re wearing the watch and it gets wet because it’s swim-proof. Apple Watch is also crack-resistant and dust-proof, allowing you to wear it as you go about most of your daily activities.

Long Battery Life & Fast Charging

Apple Watch has a battery life of about 18 hours and will charge 33 percent faster than its predecessor (Series 6). This helps make the watch more convenient for daily wear because you don’t have to worry about charging it all the time or wait very long to get it recharged.

Brighter “Always-On” Display

No one likes having to squint at a dark watch face or tap continuously to try to wake a device up. Apple Watch 7 has an always-on display that is 70% brighter than the Series 6 version. This makes it easier to read text messages, weather alerts, or just see what time it is.

Designed to Help You Keep Active

When we get a reward, like seeing the number of steps we’ve taken in a day, we are encouraged to keep up our exercise routines. Apple Watch is great if you like to stay active and need a little extra motivation.

The watch has an activity app that uses rings to show you how you’re doing with all kinds of activities like exercising, standing (i.e., not sitting for too long), walking, and other types of movement.

Get Emergency Help

Using an Apple Watch could help you in an emergency. The watch is smart enough to detect if you’ve taken a hard fall and can connect you with emergency services if you can’t get up on your own.

Even if you happen to be traveling internationally, you can use a special action (pressing and holding the side button) to get connected with help in an emergency.

Stay Connected Without Being Tied Down

You might be surprised at all the things you can do from the Apple Watch. This includes making and receiving calls, listening to music, and accessing multiple apps.

Depending on how digital you want to go at home, you can do things like using your watch as the digital door key for your home using a smart lock system. You can also attach your payment card to the Wallet app and use Apple Pay right from your watch.

Need Help Navigating Your Latest Smart Gadget?

Whether you just got an Apple Watch and need help setting it up or you’re looking to learn how to get around your iPad a little better, I’m here for you! Come to CompuTara for friendly personalized tutoring on all your smart gadgets.

Schedule a tech tutoring session today! Call or text me at: 862-368-4893 or Email me here.


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